Making sense of your Robotic Process Automation Journey

Discover the right processes in your business.
Build the bots to automate them.

July 16th 2019 3:30pm to 8:30pm

About us

As companies urgently build and scale their digital workforces, Morpheus provides the full suite of process automation solutions required to help business take advantage of the opportunities offered by exciting technological advancements like Robotic Process Automation and Machine Learning.

The marketplace for the talent and leadership required to deliver Automation programmes is incredibly dynamic and currently defined by major onshore skills shortages. Recognising this and the opportunities this presents, Morpheus is proud to offer ‘RPA Accelerate’, an end-to-end scalable solution for any enterprise or partner looking to establish or grow its RPA capability.

Mike Swetman

Group Managing Director

Gavin Honour

Managing Director - Consulting

Yusuf Aziz

RPA Training Academy Leader

Jos Bel

Associate Partner - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The world of Intelligent Automation

Here we provide some essential insight into the world of Intelligent Automation.