Electrical Fleet Battery Storage Units

Morpheus were initially tasked with sourcing 2 roles as their currently suppliers had been struggling with. For 3 months our client had been searching for a Project Manager for their new site in Belgium. In that time, they interviewed 0 candidates due to their PSL providing candidates without Battery Storage experience. They were also looking for a Procurement manager with experience in large battery storage units in the UK.

Morpheus went to market to both identify new talent and also tap into our existing network. Within 1 week we had mapped the local market with a long list of 48 potential candidates. We engaged and presented a shortlist

After screening 21 potential candidates, we shortlisted 6. 4 candidates were interviewed and within a week of submission, interviews were completed, and an offer was accepted for the Project Manager role. An initial short-list of 3 candidates was submitted for the Procurement Manager role. 1 candidate from our referral scheme was highlighted as high potential. Within 2 weeks she was fast-tracked through the process. Morpheus are now supporting across all the European sites and are soon to support on their next project in America.