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Intelligent Automation (RPA, Machine Learning, Machine Understanding, Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence) is revolutionizing the way we can now run our business operations and helping to significantly drive out costs and release capacity. However, without a clear strategy and understanding there are many pitfalls waiting.

Having the skills to be able to listen to our clients’ needs and challenges and then drawing upon our rich digital transformation backgrounds, to be able to provide simple, clear and insightful advice is core to Morpheus’s Consultancy DNA.

Our consultants have been hand-picked as each one has lived and breathed numerous successful Intelligent Automation transformational projects. After each project, continuous improvement reviews drive the underlying Morpheus methodology we have developed to ensure that each success and failure is captured, understood and learned from.

Our approach to help you transform at your pace using our RPA accelerate programmes, is backed by our strong vendor partner relationships. Our mission and commitment somewhat unusually, is to ensure our clients become self-sufficient as quickly possible.