How To Build A World Class Sales Team In Emerging Technology

Great salespeople share some common personality traits that are as much a part of their DNA as their eye colour. They are personable, curious, quick witted and bold. They ask questions and are goal oriented.

A strong sales team is essential to business success. When your team is a cohesive unit of motivated individuals working together to deliver intended results, they are a powerful force. Conversely, a team that lacks unit cohesion or confidence to operate could lose you custom, even if your product is first class.

Many companies mistakenly restrict the performance of their most talented salespeople, costing them sales and staff morale. Providing inadequate training or insufficient product information, setting unachievable targets, and failing to provide administrative support are just some of these mistakes. Companies making these mistakes could quickly see their profits drop as their top talent takes their skills elsewhere.

At Morpheus, we believe that there are five very important ways in which you can build a great sales team.



  1. Clear goal and vision


Every business has a vision statement but does yours have a roadmap for achieving that vision? Could you describe to a new starter the steps that the company will take, the order that they will take them in, and the timescales associated with them in order to achieve that vision?

You need not only a vision but interim goals, a process for achieving them and a system to monitor progress. Recording progress against the plan will be a huge motivator for your team.



  1. Detail the opportunity and earning potential


Customers need to know why your emerging technology is important to them. What about your product will make their life better, easier or more efficient? Equally, candidates who see your job adverts want to know what’s in it for them. What reward or recognition will they receive for joining your workforce?

Be specific about the role you are advertising, what its responsibilities are and how much the successful applicant stands to earn, both in annual salary and in bonuses.



  1. Why your product wins in its market field


There are many products on the market all vying for your customers’ attention so yours has to stand out for all the right reasons. Outline why your product is best and get your potential customers excited about it. They need to imagine their lives improving once they purchase your product and the right sales team can deliver this hype. Hiring people who believe in your product is essential as customers are attracted to an authentic pitch.



  1. Share success stories


When you are trying to tempt the perfect sales hires to your team, you want to excite them. Share success stories about the super high performers who started as apprentices and are now on the fast track to partnership or the C suite. Impress those that want to be part of a successful brand with stories of the big brands won by the company. Getting potential hires excited about who you are and what you do is the first step to getting them through the door and onto your team.



  1. Benefits package


A competitive salary and exciting work used to be enough to attract the top talent, but now, the best salespeople are more demanding. Tell them what sets your company apart. Emphasize your employee well-being package and remote working opportunities. Target your rewards package to the demographic that you are seeking – health insurance won’t excite a 20-year-old in the same way as it will someone with a family to provide for.


It is important to remember that the recruitment process is two-way. You need to sell the benefits of working for your company just as hard as the candidate will need to sell themselves. The ideal sales hire will be the one who embodies the culture of the organization, who has the experience that you need and the boundless enthusiasm to join you on your journey to success.

If finding that perfect hire is eluding you, Morpheus can help. We have the expertise and contacts to help you to build the emerging technology sales team to deliver your business success.


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