Back End Engineer

Backend/ Dev Ops Engineer

Norway, Oslo – Hybrid

SaaS/AI IoT Startup


The platform is super-simple:

  1. Fetch data from customers
  2. Analyze data
  3. Push real-time analytics back to the customer
  4. Provide tools for real-time and historical analytics

We are looking for engineers to works on parts 1-4. We are closing in on one billion data points (sensor readings, production information, etc.) per day, so everything we do needs to scale.


What might you work on…


Easy stuff:

  • Extend our APIs with new management and data analysis interfaces
  • Query a remote agent and list all new available sensors
  • Select two sensors and return historical data aggregated (time-weighted) for display in a scatter plot


Hard stuff:

  • Build an API and backend support for orchestrating hundreds (or thousands) of customer-specific inference models fed by real-time data streams
  • Design and implement a service for on-demand, compute-intensive data analytics without blowing the cloud budget


Must Have

  • Significant C# experience — you’ll spend most days with dotnet, hope you like it
  • Experience with HTTP API design and implementation — good API design is key to product velocity
  • At least one of: Azure, GCP or AWS — Racking servers is so 2000 and late
  • Git and PR-based workflows — feature branches, collaborative feedback, LGTM
  • Basic SQL knowledge — behind every ORM is still SQL
  • Basic Linux admin experience — IT runs on the cloud, and the cloud runs on Linux (and we use Ubuntu)
  • Basic knowledge of containerized application deployments — it works on my machine; it works in my local container
  • Located in or near Oslo, Norway (note: relocation support is not currently offered)


Bonus Points For (or what you will learn)

  • Experience with large amounts of time-series data
  • Terraform experience
  • GraphQL experience
  • Nomad and/or Kubernetes experience
  • Knowledge of serverless architecture and implementation
  • Experience with Golang, Python or TypeScript
  • Experience with Kafka and/or NATS
  • Experience with machine learning (e.g. Tensorflow)
  • Experience with Azure DevOps and pipelines


Our Tech Stack

  • REST/GraphQL based API server written in C#, using Entity Framework, and hosted within Azure
  • React-based frontend application using TypeScript and Tailwind CSS
  • ClickHouse and SQL Server databases
  • Kafka and NATS JetStream for streaming data transport and distribution
  • Nomad container orchestration
  • Azure DevOps for source control and CI/CD
  • Hashicorp’s Terraform for managing infrastructure-as-code
  • Python/Rust for most machine learning services
  • Go for edge applications


Max. file size: 25 MB.