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Morpheus Meets: From Big Data to a Conversational AI Startup with Daniel Ben Tov of Hyro

In our latest Humanizing Data series we speak with Daniel Ben Tov of Hyro on ethical AI and discuss the growing concern of privacy and compliance in ChatGPT.

During this new episode we discuss start-ups vs big data companies and the difference between working in an office vs working from home and more. Join us to explore topics such as: is the explosive introduction of ChatGPT a good or bad thing for #ConversationalAI companies?

Morpheus Meets: Jonathan Licis – Enterprise AI

Sean Kennedy, Senior Consultant of the Emerging Technology Practice team discuss Enterprise AI with Associate Director of Boston Consulting Group, Jonathan Licis.

In Episode 3, we discuss Enterprise AI, the role creativity plays, the key success to delivery, and what the future holds for AI.

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Morpheus Meets: Kunal Sawarkar – Chief Data Scientist & AI Product Leader at IBM

This month we are speaking to Chief Data Scientist & AI Product Leader’ Kunal Sawarkar 🟣🚀 Our second instalment of the Morpheus Meets podcast is: Data “Science” and the New Industrial Revolution. This episode is an in-depth discussion exploring #AdvancedAnalytics, Data driven companies and the Emerging Tech field.

Disclaimer: Kunal’s views are his own, in no way is his opinions affiliated with IMB.

Morpheus Meets: Gilad Barash – Humanizing Data

Sean Kennedy from our Emerging Tech Practice discusses humanizing data as a part of our first Emerging Tech Practice Podcast series alongside senior industry leader Gilad Barash.

In the first episode, we discuss exploring human intelligence and humanizing data within the AI and Emerging Tech Space.