Case Study

Finance Data Improvement

A Telco company started a finance improvement program with a Big 4 consulting partner. The project went red, with multiple data errors incidents. We were asked to turn around the program and get it back on track and delivered quickly.

Our team quickly mapped the urgent pain points and deployed a specialist turnaround unit of finance experts, to really get into the weeds and bring the project back on track.

Client Feedback
“We started an important finance program with another partner. From the outset we noticed that they were good at designing our new operating model, but not so good when it came to execution. I asked our Morpheus engagement lead to audit the work delivered and ultimately resolve some major issues. It was refreshing with Han’s team… they kept it simple quickly producing a plan with clear deliverables.”
– Program Director, Telco company, 2021

Key Areas our client wanted to improve

Finance Data Improvement


Project delay
stopped in
2 months

Data errors
down 35%


after 3 months