Questions to ask to ensure the effective delivery of my change program?



  • Agree with all of this.  The big one might be ACCOUNTABILITY – does the Steering Committee, including those key decision makers have skin in the game?

    Add could add:-

    Do the priorities keep changing?   Were the original priorities CRYSTAL clear

    Is there just too much happening at once, ensuring nothing will be delivered or will all be late, descoped, whatever?  Add to the essential plans = “management of interdependencies plan” …

  • 🙂 Interesting article. Two observations that may (or may not) help?

    The three key questions to my mind are:-

    > Does everyone understand what we are trying to do and what they need to do to achieve it?
    > Are they motivated to deliver as required?
    > Does the team trust each other?

    The answers to these are better bellweathers of success than any number of plans.

    The second one is your comment about people who use “we”. In my world I only achieve what I need to through the work of others, I could not possibly do it alone, nor do I presume to know all the answers. Instead I play human chess, trying to get the right people in the right places at the right times to do the right things in the right way. A key enabler is an ability to share the credit with those at the coal face. If you are perceived as purley focussed on personal glory, support can soon evaporate. As such I will confess to using “we” a lot, it is part of my moduc operandii. The lesson for me is probably to change my tune when interviewing?

  •  Good comment Ian patricularly around the issue of trust! Self-protectionism in difficult times may not always engender it, when it’s probably needed most!

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