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Train your business and IT users to build vital digital assistants from the safety of their homes

In these challenging times, we’ve been thinking about how we can best support you.

In just 5 days our vendor certified trainers will equip your employees with the skills to build business critical automations to clear backlogs, increase capacity and free up more time for customer-facing activity.

Our virtual training academy will quickly upskill and certify your teams as confident UiPath Developers, so your business can reap the full benefit of your investment in your chosen RPA software.

Your people are your most important asset. Empower them to build their own digital colleagues by enrolling them on one of our training courses today.

“This has been an eye opener for me. The course has really helped me understand what bots are able to do. I will definitely recommend this course to my engineering colleagues in the Air Force”

Keith Andrews, Computer Systems Engineer, U.S. Air Force – Aug 20

“Having people go from a small amount of online exposure to UiPath, to Development-ready in 1 week, is staggering.”

Gary Coates, Head of Automation, SSCL – Oct 19

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    “Morpheus have now got 5 amazing Certified Trainers.. we are proud to have them as Learning Partners.”

    Corina Dulcu

    Learning Partner Program Manager, UiPath EMEA

    Delegates should either complete UiPath 1.0 foundation training through online self-study or join our 4-Day Foundation course before attending our 5-Day Academy

    Our Virtual Academies use Zoom Video and live breakout rooms to deliver a highly interactive learning experience. You will get hands on with your RPA software right away, with lots of instructor led practical exercises designed to build your confidence using UiPath.

    UiPath Foundation Academy Overview

    • Introductions, RPA Overview, Build your first bot 
    • Variables, Control Flow, Loops, Collections 
    • Excel & Data Tables, User Interface Level 
    • Selectors, how they work and making them reliable 
    • Projects, Sequences, Flowcharts & State machines 
    • Components, Version control, Exceptions, Debugging 
    • Automation with PDFs, Email Automations 
    • Orchestrator Overview, REFramework Overview 
    • Group bot build & Final Test 

    Next Course Dates

    Date Description
    28th September to 1st October 4-Day UiPath Foundation Virtual Academy
    5th to 8th October 4-Day UiPath Foundation Virtual Academy
    19th to 22nd October 4-Day UiPath Foundation Virtual Academy
    9th to 12th November 4-Day UiPath Foundation Virtual Academy
    23rd to 26th November 4-Day UiPath Foundation Virtual Academy
    1st to 4th December 4-Day UiPath Foundation Virtual Academy
    14th to 17th December 4-Day UiPath Foundation Virtual Academy
    Month Course Dates
    April 27th April to 1st May
    Virtual Classroom
    May 18th to 22nd
    Virtual Classroom
    June 15th to 19th
    Virtual Classroom

    UiPath Advanced Academy Overview

    • Introductions and recap on UiPath foundation training
    • Students build their 1st simple end to end UiPath Robot and learn about variables, strings and recorders
    • Focus in on the application of ‘best practice’ development standards with students working in groups to build enterprise grade Robots
    • Students begin working on UiPath’s 3 Layer build approach
    • Students continue to work together to stitch together components and learn to test and build robust UiPath Automations
    • Students finish their fully functional enterprise ready Robots using UiPath’s powerful Robotic Enterprise (RE) Framework and are introduced to Orchestrator
    • Students learn how to launch and run UiPath Robots in Orchestrator with their course culminating in a fun ‘RPA Challenge’, where they work together to build a complex robot. UiPath exam with Advanced Diploma awarded

    Next Course Dates

    Date Description
    12th to 16th October 5-Day UiPath Advanced Virtual Academy
    26th to 30th October 5-Day UiPath Advanced Virtual Academy
    2nd to 6th November 5-Day UiPath Advanced Virtual Academy
    16th to 20th November 5-Day UiPath Advanced Virtual Academy
    7th to 11th December 5-Day UiPath Advanced Virtual Academy
    Month Course Dates
    April 27th April to 1st May
    Virtual Classroom
    May 18th to 22nd
    Virtual Classroom
    June 15th to 19th
    Virtual Classroom

    Feedback from Morpheus Training Academy delegates

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    I feel a lot more confident now.

    Helen, Finance, Asahi

    Having people go to UiPath Development-ready in 1 week, is staggering.

    Gary, Head of Automation, Sopra Steria

    We were new to UiPath, but the course has helped us gain confidence in modifying our existing BOTS and writing our own.

    Zoe, BA, University of South Wales

    The Morpheus RPA training academy was extremely beneficial for the Akari team.

    Kim, COO, Akari

    Hands on and practical.

    Amit, Senior Manager, KPMG

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who is the course suitable for?2020-06-11T09:25:39+01:00

    Whilst it’s certainly advantageous if your trainees have some level of prior software development experience, intellectual curiosity, a willingness to learn and a strong work ethic is just as important on our courses. Uipath has been designed to be used by both business users and IT and our trainers have plenty of experience working with trainees from non-technical backgrounds (e.g. finance). So long as your trainees are prepared to focus and work hard, our patient trainers will achieve great results with your employees on our bootcamps!

    What are the course prerequisites?2020-12-02T16:52:19+00:00

    All delegates will need to have successfully completed either UiPath 1.0 foundation training through online self-study or join our 4-Day Power Developer course before attending our 5-Day Academy. This is a mandatory requirement to ensure that all trainees have the same knowledge base level. Our Advanced Academy carries on from where the foundation course ends and accelerates at pace.

    In order to ensure the quality of the intake on each Academy, our training team will also schedule a 30 minute  telephone interview with each delegate before confirming their place on the course. This is an important validation step to assess that the trainee possesses the basic technical skills and motivations required to complete this intensive course.


    Will our Trainees receive any certification on completion of the bootcamp?2020-06-11T09:28:06+01:00

    Yes, on completion of our UiPath 5 Day Academy, so long as students have completed all the Training modules and demonstrated to our instructor that they can build enterprise grade automations by passing the end of course examination which our instructors prepare students for, then you will be awarded with UiPath’s Advanced Developer Diploma.

    Where will the bootcamps be run?2020-06-11T09:30:11+01:00

    Currently, all our training is being delivered in Virtual classroom format. When we offer physical classroom training, our team can run your UiPath Course from our training centre in London or on premise at a location of your choice

    Which course is best for our business – a ‘public’ or ‘private/on premise’ bootcamp?2020-04-20T11:57:32+01:00

    It depends! As a rule of thumb we recommend that if your firm is starting out on your RPA journey and you initially only have a small number of trainee Developers to upskill, you either book them onto one of our public bootcamps run at our UK Training Centre or a public Virtual classroom course. Our public courses work well and are the most cost-effective option where you have up to 5 delegates to train at a time. This is also a great way to try a bootcamp out!

    If you are already well established and have a larger group to train, then we recommend that either our Training team come to a site of your choice to run your own bespoke bootcamp or we host your own private Virtual course. This is the most cost-effective option for larger groups.

    What are the course timings?2020-04-20T11:53:44+01:00

    Our public courses run Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm, with private course timings agreed by arrangement.

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