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RPA Training Academy

Once your enterprise has established your RPA programme, one of the biggest barriers to quickly scaling your new digital workforce will be access to skilled and qualified RPA Developers.

Morpheus is an official UiPath Training Partner and all our trainers are hands-on professional RPA Developers, who possess the real- life experience required to mentor your employees on building successful, enterprise grade automations.

Once your employees have attended one of our official UiPath Developer courses, they will return to your business as Certified UiPath Developers ready to build and put UiPath robots into production.

Delegates enjoy our bootcamps because they are practical, fun and train them on all the major business applications that they will automate, so that your business can reap the full benefit of your investment in UiPath’s powerful technology.

As a UiPath Official Training Partner, Morpheus is pleased to offer the following training courses:

RPA Fundamentals workshop – ½ Day2019-10-14T16:05:29+01:00

This ½ day highly interactive workshop is a must for any enterprise aiming to launch a new RPA programme.

This session is designed for executives and managers and covers the RPA ‘fundamentals’.  Like all our courses it’s low on theory and your teams will get to work together in our interactive ‘Process Discovery’ interactive workshop, specifically designed to help identify and quantify opportunities where RPA will add the most value in your business. This session will help your business start to build the right pipeline of RPA projects to underpin your businesses investment in RPA software, training, resources and infrastructure.

Our experienced facilitator will also cover the ‘RPA fundamentals’ to ensure that your leadership team have a sound appreciation of the capabilities and limitations of the market leading RPA tools, the role of a Centre of Expertise (COE) in your organisation and the roles, responsibilities and considerations you will need to get started when building your ‘Day one’ COE.  We will also cover process selection rules, managing the ‘messaging’ to your workforce and planning to scale considerations, like addressing and closing the RPA skills gap in your organisation.

Training Type: Morpheus Director led
Location: Onsite at your offices
Prerequisites: None
Audience: Executives as well as key prospective internal RPA stakeholders/ clients
Attendees: Maximum 15 people
Price: On application

UiPath Advanced Developer Bootcamp – 5 Days2019-11-14T09:52:04+00:00

The Morpheus UiPath Bootcamp has been designed to train batches of up to 10 delegates on all aspects of UiPath’s software. The course is a blend of instructor-led theory interlaced with mini-projects where your trainees will work both independently and in teams on a variety of real-life scenarios designed to simulate the challenges new developers will face in production environments back in your workplace. This includes web and windows automation, Object layer design, exception handling, work queues, credential management, Orchestrator and developing in UiPath’s Development Framework.

Being a Technical course, this bootcamp is designed for attendees who have first successfully completed UiPath’s self-study online Foundation Training Diploma, which is currently available free of charge in UiPath’s Academy. Our practical bootcamps are delivered in a supportive classroom-based environment over one intensive week and delegates will be supervised and coached by our own experienced UiPath Certified Training team. Upon completing the bootcamp, your delegates will have the knowledge required to sit UiPath’s online Advanced Developer Accreditation Exam and to return to your business with the confidence to build and put UiPath robots into production.

Morpheus 5-day Training Bootcamp Content overview:

Day 1

  • Introductions and Ice Breakers

  • RPA development lifecycles

  • Variables and Data Type recap

  • String Manipulation

  • Development standards

  • Process mapping

  • Business Design Document generation

  • Building a simple component exercise

Day 2

  • Error Handling

  • Testing Methodologies

  • UiPath 3 Layer build approach

  • Agile concepts in building components

  • UiPath Robotic Enterprise Framework Introduction

  • Process design document review

  • End-to-end bot development: Building the components

Day 3

  • Continue building / finishing off the components from Day 2

  • Testing all the components

  • Process layers and structure

  • End-to-end bot development: Building the process layers

  • Orchestrator – UI, connecting a robot to Orchestrator, Queues and Assets

Day 4

  • Continue building / finishing off the process layers from Day 3

  • Testing the process layer

  • State machine and structure

  • End-to-end bot development: Building the state machines

Day 5

  • Continue building / finishing off the state machines from day 4

  • UiPath Robotic Enterprise Framework walkthrough

  • Integrating all the layers into the Robotic Enterprise Framework

  • Testing the end- to- end bot

  • Process Support Document review

  • RPA Challenge

Training Type: Morpheus Certified UiPath Instructor-led
Location: Either Onsite or at our UK Training Academy
Prerequisites: Completion of the RPA Developer online Foundation Training modules and a screening call with our Training team
Audience: Business and IT employees. Basic programming skills highly desirable but not essential.
Attendees: Maximum 10 people
Certification: Upon successfully completing the Academy, delegates will be awarded UiPath’s Advanced Developer Diploma and should be ready to return to your business to build and put UiPath robots into production.
Price: On application

Confirmed 2020 Course Dates

Month Course Dates
January 27th to 31st
February 24th to 28th – SOLD OUT
March 23rd to 27th

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“I was very surprised at how quickly our new developers picked things up. I noticed a real progression over the training week, seeing a timid group of strangers turn into a group of confident RPA Developers. Whilst all previous RPA developer training I have known has been online… the Morpheus classroom environment allowed for collaborative problem solving and learning. Having people go from a small amount of online exposure to UiPath, to Development-ready in 1 week, is staggering.”

Gary Coates, Oct 2019
Head of Automation, Shared Services Connected Limited

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the course suitable for?2019-10-14T15:53:28+01:00

Whilst it’s certainly advantageous if your trainees have some level of prior software development experience, intellectual curiosity, a willingness to learn and a strong work ethic is just as important on our courses. UiPath has been designed to be used by both business users and IT and our trainers have plenty of experience working with trainees from non-technical backgrounds (e.g. finance). So long as your trainees are prepared to focus and work hard, our patient trainers will achieve great results with your employees on our bootcamps!

What are the pre-course requisites?2019-10-14T15:55:07+01:00

All delegates will need to have successfully completed and passed UiPath’s online Foundation Training diploma before attending one of our bootcamps. This is a mandatory requirement to ensure that all trainees have the same knowledge base level. Our Advanced bootcamp carries on from where the self study online foundation course ends and accelerates at pace.

In order to ensure the quality of the intake on each bootcamp, our training team will also schedule a 30 minute  telephone interview with each delegate before confirming their place on the course. This is an important validation step to assess that the trainee possesses the basic technical skills and motivations required to complete this intensive course.

Will our Trainees receive any certification on completion of the bootcamp?2019-11-14T09:53:45+00:00

Yes, on completion of our Bootcamp, so long as the trainee has completed the Training course and demonstrated to our instructor that they can build enterprise grade automations, then we will prompt UiPath to issue the trainee with their Advanced Developer Diploma through the UiPath Academy.

Where will the bootcamps be run?2019-11-14T09:53:56+00:00

Depending on your requirements, our training team can either run your UiPath Bootcamp from our training centre in the UK (near London) or on premise at a location of your choice.

Which course is best for our business – an ‘open’ or ‘on premise’ bootcamp?2019-11-14T09:54:22+00:00

It depends! As a rule of thumb we recommend that if your firm is starting out on your RPA journey and you initially only have a small number of trainee Developers to upskill, you book them onto one of our Open bootcamps run at our UK Training Centre. Our open courses work well and are the most cost-effective option where you have up to 5 delegates to train at a time. This is also a great way to try a bootcamp out!

If you are already well established and have a larger group to train, then we recommend that our Training team come to a site of your choice to run your own bespoke bootcamp. This is also a more cost-effective option for larger groups.

What are the class sizes and course timings?2019-10-14T15:56:28+01:00

The maximum number of delegates we accept per Bootcamp is 10. Our open courses run Monday – Friday 10am – 5pm Day one, 9-5 Tuesday to Friday, with on premise course timings agreed by arrangement.

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