Position: Process Analyst

Process Analyst

Employment type: Permanent
Location: High Wycombe
Salary: £30 – £40K
Recruiter: John Atkins

Responsible for supporting business process management projects, tasks and activities.

The Process Analyst will provide process support to projects by conducting simple process mapping and gathering data in accordance with group standards. They will ensure the maintenance of process maps within our chosen toolset by completing updates as detailed by process owners and specialists. They will facilitate access to maps for business stakeholders. The Process Analyst will gather and analyse process data in order to support the identification of improvement opportunities, providing a view of process performance to the process owner. The Process Analyst will conduct fact finding and prepare documentation for automation opportunities, contributing to our automation pipeline.

Key Accountabilities:

  • Working with project managers or business stakeholders to provide process mapping support, completing As Is and As2B mapping and any accompanying documentation.
  • Ensure that map sets are kept updated by liaising with process owners, local process leads and process specialists within the central team, applying updates within our chosen toolset so that maps remain current.
  • Ensure that maps produced and maintained conform to the group standards set by the central process team.
  • Facilitate access to maps for any business stakeholders wishing to understand or work with business processes in relation to projects, improvement initiatives or other business requirements.
  • Gathering data around process performance by liaising with the business and with the Business Intelligence Team.
  • Presenting relevant process performance data to process specialists and business stakeholders in order to support process performance reporting.
  • Conduct process Fact Find sessions and complete documentation in relation to process automation opportunities, supporting effective decision making on our automation pipeline.
  • Act as an advocate of process management and improvement within the company, supporting the identification of improvement opportunities in all we do.

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