Position: Sales Development Representative

Sales Development Representative

Employment type: Permanent
Location: Sweden
Salary: €40,000 + OTE
Recruiter: Maisha Miah

The SDR is responsible for identifying and developing new opportunities for the Sales Directors/field sales to pursue. SDRs generate demand primarily via outbound prospecting into assigned accounts, territories or buying centres. In addition to tele, SDRs use a spectrum of tactics including email, social media and chat. In organisations with limited scale, SDRs also may have limited responsibilities to further qualify demand generated by marketing and scored using a marketing automation platform (MAP).


  • Generate new demand (e.g. individual leads and/or buying groups) for the sales organisation to pursue.
  • Qualify demand (e.g. individual leads and/ or buying groups) against established criteria before passing a lead to account directors/field sales as Sales Accepted Leads (SALs) or qualified demand units.
  • Discover, validate and reach out to additional personas typically involved in a buying decision to determine possible buying groups for delivery to field sales.
  • Nurture predetermined groups of prospects back from field or channel sales by using multiple touch tactics (e.g. telephone, email, social).
  • As a secondary responsibility – where specified by the organisation – process inbound demand using a range of tactics (e.g. telephone, email, social).
  • Comply with all demand management–related service-level agreements.
  • Provide accurate weekly forecasts to marketing and sales on the volume of qualified demand expected to reach the SAL stage or qualified demand stage.
  • Track and manage prospecting, qualification and nurture activities in the company’s sales force automation (SFA) system.
  • Reach and have meaningful, productive conversations with individuals representing the buyer personas targeted by the organisation.

Desirable Skills

  • Strong verbal & written communication skills.
  • Active listening to assess prospect needs & opportunities.
  • Ability to articulate a high-quality value proposition on every call.
  • Ability to perform prospect & account research to prepare for calls.
  • Ability to use existing and emerging social media tools to monitor targeted accounts and buying groups, and identify trigger events for follow-up.
  • Discipline and energy to maintain high activity volumes (e.g. a minimum of 30 outbound calls and 25 additional outbound touches per day).
  • A desire for a career in tech sales and ambition to progress.

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