Why Innovative Manufacturers Pick A Talent Partner

The UK is the ninth largest manufacturing nation worldwide, boasting an annual output of £183 billion[1]. Yet, the industry is still facing a significant talent shortage which could restrict opportunities to develop this exciting sector further and showcase our manufacturing prowess to the world.

There is a common misconception that manufacturing is a poorly paid profession with little opportunity for development and innovation. It is clear that there is an ongoing war for talent, and the manufacturing sector is losing. This needs to be addressed urgently and at many levels to attract new talent into the industry and appropriately reward and retain existing high-performing personnel.

Engaging a talented partner to support your business to grow and scale is a practical way of delivering efficiencies, reducing costs and vacancies, improving morale and reducing employee turnover. A talent partner takes the stress out of recruiting by understanding your business needs and the industry in which you operate, then applying their deep understanding of the recruitment process and available options to achieve your goals and reduce costs.

Morpheus Consulting Solutions has considerable experience in this field, delivering innovative talent solutions to enhance the recruitment experience. This reduces the time spent on individual vacancies by targeting a strategic programme of continuous resourcing improvements and efficiencies aligned to your business priorities, culture and requirements.

We consider the whole picture, understanding where gaps exist within your business and why followed by addressing the root causes to improve employee retention. We will advise on developing a continual attraction strategy by developing and promoting your employee value proposition and exploiting routes to market that will pique the curiosity of the types of individuals you wish to target. We will support you with networking and provide access to top talent within the industry.

By working with Morpheus Consulting Solutions, you will not only benefit from an increase in vacancies filled but also see an improvement in employee retention and develop a better understanding of the HR strategies employed to maintain this situation into the future. We will create an individual strategy for your business which is capable of flexing as required, whether due to environmental or business pressures.

Building this flexibility will allow your business to react and scale accordingly to any changes, whether imposed upon you or as a result of a corporate decision.

If organisations wish to attract and retain the top talent in this competitive marketplace, working with a talent partner will allow them to thrive, scale and succeed. Regardless of your business development stage, choosing Morpheus Consulting Solutions as your talent partner will ensure that all appropriate routes to market will be implemented, delivering you a tailored talent solution that will support your business now and into the future.

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